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2012 CAPA Lunch & Learn 1st Event 二零一二华人石油协会午餐与学习活动

2012 CAPA Lunch & Learn 1st Event
Retrospect and Outlook of US Oil Business
Saturday, March 17, 2012 – 9:00 AM to Noon
Speaker/演讲 人:
Mu Liu (Shell)/

Crude oil or petroleum, often called “Black Gold”, is stored in the subsurface but once extracted is an indispensable energy source for all the industries. Oil has long become the strategic resource for almost every country. The US is one of the most significant oil producing and consuming countries in the world, and has dominated the development of the oil industry. Since the first oil discovery in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859, the 150 year of US oil industry history may be divided into four stages: the originating stage in Pennsylvania, the developing stage in Oklahoma, the maturing stage in Texas, and challenging stage in the Gulf of Mexico. Each stage has its own characteristics and its own champions. John D. Rockefeller and George W. Bush are among the champions, and their influence has gone way beyond the oil industry. From a retrospective view of the US oil industry, we may objectively present an outlook on its future trends. We will try to cover all aspects of the oil industry, and provide our audience an opportunity for knowledge sharing and discussion in this inaugural CAPA Lunch & Learn session.
石油被人们称为“黑金”,藏于地下但广泛地应用于各行各业,早已成为一个国 家的战略物资。美国长期为石油的生产和消费大国,一直领先及主导石油行业的 发展。自从一八五九年在美国宾夕法尼亚泰塔斯维尔第一口石油井出油后,美国 的石油工业就开始了它的历程,在这一百五十多年的历史里,美国的石油行业大 致可以分为四个阶段:早期的宾夕法尼亚时期,发展的奥克拉荷马时期,成熟的 德克萨斯时期,以及挑战的墨西哥湾深水时期。每一个阶段都有其特点,而且, 都有许多风流人物涌现,洛克菲勒,乔治-布什就是石油行业产生的知名人士,他 们的影响也大大超越了石油行业本身。回顾美国石油行业的发展,我们可以客观 地展望石油行业的走向。本次讲座内容丰富,是一次很好的交流与探讨的机会, 欢迎业界人士及各界朋友参与此次石油协会活动。
American First National Bank (恒丰银行大楼) 9999 Bellaire Blvd. Houston Texas 77036 USA Yahoo! Maps | Google Maps
$5 MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS Pre-Registration for this event is strongly encouraged as sessions fill quickly and in advance. Walk-ins are only accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, if space allows. This event is sponsored by SunRise PetroSolution Tech. Inc.
费用会员和非会员都是每位五美元,如没登记者,位置无保证,先到先有。本次 活动是由SunRise PetroSolution Tech. Inc. 公司赞助。
Register and pay online at:
Registration Deadline: Monday March 12, 2012, 8:30 AM Simply click the link and follow the directions from there. Please keep in mind that no shows will be billed for this event.
For questions contact: Dongjun (Taller) Fu, , Phone: 713-614-5414; Mu Liu at Phone: 832-231-3288
如有问题,请与傅东钧( taller1999@yahoo.com电话: 713-614-5414) 或刘牧 ( 电话:832-231-3288) 联系

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