Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IHS Launches IHS Connect, Transforming Delivery of Information and Insight to Oil and Gas Decision Makers

IHS Launches IHS Connect, Transforming Delivery of Information and Insight to Oil and Gas Decision Makers
Unique new platform delivers personalized content based on individual workflows through a single interface
HOUSTON (January 24, 2012) – IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of information and analysis, announced today the release of IHS Connect™ Oil and Gas, a scalable platform that provides energy upstream decision makers access to IHS integrated energy information and insight through a single user interface. The platform allows customers to optimize the value of their existing IHS subscriptions by providing tools that support their business workflows, making them more effective and efficient.
“In the past, people have had to adapt their information needs to fit the technologies available to deliver that information. They’ve had to interrupt their workflow and go back and forth between different tools or websites, which costs them time and effort,” said Scott Key, IHS president and chief operating officer. “With IHS Connect, we’ve delivered a transformational service that more closely mirrors how our customers work. The information we deliver to our customers is now personalized to meet their individual workflows and business interests. They log-in once and then can access and search the entire IHS oil and gas portfolio to get the information they need quickly and seamlessly.”
IHS Connect is a “personal dashboard” that delivers a 360-degree view of energy insight from IHS sources, and is categorized to support oil and gas upstream workflows. Depending on their individual interests, customers can do a deeper dive for specific insights around a host of criteria including: global exploration and production (E&P) trends, macroeconomics from a global or regional perspective, regional or country-specific E&P activity, as well as acreage distribution and field operations in an area of interest.
Customers can assess geological, regulatory or fiscal risks, and review recent discoveries or drilling activity. In addition, they can identify companies operating in an area, benchmark competitors, review similar transactions or merger and acquisition activities, and determine or compare costs of potential transactions.
“Part of the added value that we deliver to our customers is in the integration of, and access to, our vast wealth of editorial information, technical content and scenarios-based insight,” said Jonathan Gear, IHS senior vice president. “Giving our customers that ease and speed of access to the most current insight available and the experts behind that analysis, enables them to make decisions more quickly and confidently, and for them, that speed of decision often translates to a competitive advantage. In the 24/7 world that we now live in, that speed to decision is critical for our clients.”
IHS Connect now makes it easier for users to do a more complete initial assessment of an opportunity, without waiting on feedback from others. Previously, customers may have had to rely on other team members who looked at the specific systems focused on competitors or economics or assets. Now, every user has the ability to do their own stress-tests on their assessments before they go to senior management with an opportunity.
“We are hearing from our customers involved in the development phase of IHS Connect that it gives them greater confidence in their assumptions and peace of mind,” added Gear. “They have a foundation of information and a workflow pathway that they can easily share, if questions arise.”
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