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Author Xiang Jen Yao will be discussing her book “The Art of Chinese Living”
Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 6 PM

Kyle Morrow Room

( located in the third floor of the Fondren Library.)
A light reception will follow the book talk
Presentation will be in Chinese, with English translation

The Art of Chinese Living is a product of five year’s worth of research, travelling and writing. In it, the author provides the history and practical applications of the ancient wisdom of the Chinese way of life. It is comprised of four volumes, totaling 270,000 words and a great amount of beautiful photographs.

Widely acclaimed author Xiang Jen Yao from Taiwan will be debuting her latest publication in the United States at Rice University's Chao Center for Asian Studies on Thursday, February 9. "The Inheritance of Tradition: Art of Chinese Living" was first published in Taiwan in August 2010, and has since received widespread acclaim among Chinese communities around the globe. Since then, it has been available online to readers worldwide and published in China, with the support of the state publishing company. 

"The Inheritance of Tradition" is an artful compilation of the culture, traditions, and wisdom of the Chinese people. Its original impetus came from Mrs. Yao's own children, who left their native home of Taiwan for study in the United States. Fearful that her children would lose their cultural heritage to western culture, Mrs. Yao spent the next five years researching, writing, designing and compiling a volume of four books, totaling 270,000 words of age-old advice paired with 10,000 exquisite images. It represents a new style of literature, combining graphic design, history, culture, family values and modern living into one book. 

This publication is a manifestation of Mrs. Yao's love for her children and deep appreciation for the Chinese culture. Chinese expatriate communities in particular have embraced this publication as an important educational tool for their children to experience and develop an appreciation for the beauty of Chinese tradition, handed down over thousands of years. According to the author, "this volume of books is a gift to all the Chinese people, as well as all who have a love for Chinese culture. My objective was to enable everyone to access Chinese culture in their everyday lives, rather than something that could only be appreciated in museums or history books."

Actor Jet Li explains, "Xiang Jen weaves three unique perspectives into the book: that of a daughter, a wife, and a mother. She has depicted Chinese culture in a lively manner, and has incorporated beautiful photographs to represent the Chinese cultural treasure. "The Inheritance of Tradition" is easy-to-read yet profound, and is certainly a textbook that is alive with culture." 

In her presentation, Mrs. Yao  will share the highlights of her book, and gift a copy to the Chao Center, Rice University's Fondren Library, and the Asia Center. Whether or not you are familiar with Chinese culture, Mrs. Yao's presentation will be an enlightening and entertaining discovery. We hope that you will be able to join us.

100% of the proceeds of the book will be donated to the establishment of a new university in Taiwan. 

Mrs. Xiang Jen Yao was born in Taiwan, a mother of three children, she also works at the architect's office of her husband's.
Due to her three children were all leaving home and heading to study in the United States, Mrs. Yao worried the children would eventually forget their own cultural heritage, therefore, spending five years of her time, with 270,000 words of gentle advices and exquisitely beautiful images, she finally published an incredible volume of books on the living wisdom of Chinese culture, titled "Tsuan-Chia", meaning "Inheritance of Tradition".

After it's debut, the publication was widely recognized and much valued. Acclamations came from all over the Chinese communities around the globe, especially for the reason that such a tremendous and important work, instead of executed by an organization or research institution, was accomplished single-handedly by a housewife.

According to Mrs. Yao," This volume of books is a gift to all the Chinese, as well as all those who love Chinese culture."

International acclaimed Kungfu superstar, Jet Li, in his appraisal of the book, said, " Xiang Jen weaves through the book from three perspectives- a daughter, a wife and a mother. She depicted the cultural aspects in the Chinese living with a lively manner, in addition, she employed many excellent pictures to present the Chinese cultural treasure. It is easy-to-read yet profound, and is certainly a living textbook of culture."

This volume of books allows the enchanting Chinese culture to be within the reach of our daily lives, not just the relics in museums. 
"Tsuan-Chia" is a brand new creation of literature, images and modern living. It is composed by four volumes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, presenting the living wisdom of Chinese culture. 
Using a "Modern Living Map", Mrs. Yao also hole-hearted promotes the value of the family and the importance of a sustainable environment. This volume is an encyclopedia of a living culture, as well as a bearing of the traditional wisdom.

Furthermore, this publication is completely an act of philanthropy. All the proceeds from the book sales goes to the funding of a new university in Taiwan.

During her stay in Houston this time, Mrs. Yao will present the book as gifts to the Asia Center, Chao Center and Rice University. In addition, she will share her book with the audience ay the university. Whether you are of Chinese origin or not, to listen to Mrs. Yao's introduction of the book will be a joyful and contemplative experience for you. 

English translation will be available at the presentation. We wish you to join us.

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